Full Auto – An Introduction

Welcome to Apertura, a blog where I intend to share images I’ve taken and write articles on cameras and photography in general. My style is as broad as my choice of cameras; I regularly use Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Sony as well as my Huawei smartphone, so there’s no real bias from me (except Fuji is the best of course…).

I see quite often that photographers claim the camera is just a tool, but it’s so much more than that for me. Depending on the type of body, I will shoot a certain way, aim the lens at a certain type of image I might not choose with a different one. As a visual artist, the end product is not my only reward. I like to enjoy the experience of making the image and this definitely includes the camera itself. So if I have a DSLR and a tripod, I will almost certainly be out purposely to take landscapes and/or long exposures. If I hand hold a DSLR with a vintage manual lens, then I will mostly be looking to take irreverent images such as signposts, neon lights et al. My Fuji will most often see me taking monochrome images, but not strictly street or documentary photography. I guess you could say I’m eclectic and I enjoy that, embrace it. My instagram will attest to that. you can find me on there as @lantographer BTW. Feel free to see for yourself my latest works.

As much as I like to get it right on camera – and that should always be the aim really – I accept that editing has always occurred, via the Darkroom. I don’t photoshop my images to add things that were not there and if I did, I always add full disclosure because the intention is to enthuse, not deceive. I do use the RAW editors provided by Canon and Nikon respectively, whilst I shoot JPEG on Fuji and Sony, with slight adjustments in Apple’s Photos app. On mobile, I am very fond of Snapseed and for abstract work, I find Chromalab and Mirrorlab to suit my tastes. Editing is to be embraced in the way the camera itself is; they’re both facets of the whole experience.

So, that’s my intro and an insight into my photography and the process behind it. I hope you enjoy Apertura going forward as it grows. Cheers, Matt.

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